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We use a novel light based approach to detect Bilirubin non-invasive. Bilirubin is an important Biomarker for liver health in many diseases such as Malaria or Sickle Cell diseases. Our SpectralPad sensor can provide results with lab grade accuracy in only a few seconds without the need for taking blood samples. At the same time SpectralPad offers substantial cost benefits. 

Body Water Management

Management of Bodywater is a challenge to both, active athletes as well as caretakers in hospitals.

Bilirubin and its derivates can serve as biomarkers to monitor and manage body water. 

Learn how SpectralPad can help to tackle these challenges for both groups. 

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Results gathered with SpectralPad confer to in vitro laboratory results from blood samples by 99.5%. Sensitivity is better than 0.4 mg/dl, outperforming other devices on the market. On top of that SpectralPad is the only optical sensor capable of discriminating direct from indirect Bilirubin.

Neonatal Jaundice

About 50% of term and 80% of preterm babies develop jaundice.

Non-invasive detection of Bilirubin has become a standard in developed countries. 


Learn how SpectralPad can help cut costs and add value as the only optical device capable of discriminating direct from indirect bilirubin

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SpectralPad is small and energy-efficient. It could be integrated into wearable device such as smartwatch. allowing a device that requires no further user interaction. Data collection can be automated using Bluetooth or WiFi allowing continuous & remote patient monitoring. 

Clinical Trials

Unexpected Liver Toxicity can be a showstopper in the development of new drugs (see this example).


Continuous and remote monitoring of bilirubin derivates can help to detect liver toxicity early in drug development increasing patient safety and saving costs.


Reach out to learn more.

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We first introduced our concept of a sensor for Bilirubin tracking, an important diagnostic marker for liver health in late 2018 at the joint Deutsche Telekom AG and Merck KGaA Future of Health Hackathon. Our idea immediately raised attention and finally was awarded the Follow Up Award for the team with the best business impact.

In early 2019 we assembled the first working prototypes. Side by side comparison of data collected with SpectralPad and in vitro blood tests demonstrated excellent reliability. In late 2019 we successfully applied for a grant for High Tech Start-Ups provided by Innosuisse. Finally, we successfully filed a patent in early 2020


Worldwide about 1 Billion people suffer from diseases like Malaria, Favism, and Sickle Cell disease, with Bilirubin being an essential biomarker. While these diseases mainly occur in developing and emerging countries, aging societies are a challenge to healthcare systems in industrialized countries. Both markets have a rising demand for cost-efficient and reliable solutions to face their upcoming health care challenges. 

With SpectralPad, we can provide a simple, non-invasive and cost-efficient solution to monitoring direct and indirect bilirubin levels. 


SpectralPad uses a light-based approach similar to an optical heart rate monitor in many popular fitness trackers. Our technology is therefore non-invasive, can help cut costs while offering accuracy comparable to classical blood-based in vitro diagnostics.


SpectralPad is the only sensor capable of discriminating direct from indirect Bilirubin. 

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Wachsende Pflanzen

We offer a fresh approach to a yet unmet medical need helping patients with chronic diseases in developing and industrialized countries. After winning the Follow Up Award as well as a non-refundable grant from Innosuisse we now want to gain momentum. Backed up with our patent-protected solution we are seeking investors how can provide capital, but also guidance taking the next steps.

We are happy to provide you data and more detailed information on request.

Skalieren des Rocks

Seeking a creative challenge? We are looking for young innovative minds who are eager to work with us on the edge of MedTech and IT. We offer lots of room to bring your own ideas to live in an exiting digital biomarker startup.


With Basel (Switzerland) being the vibrant heart of Europe's Pharma and Biotech industry we offer numerous opportunites to network and push your career. Also, with the alps being just 1-hour drive away we are sure you won't get bored in your leisure time ;-)


We are always interested in partnering with research organizations. Fields of interest include (but are not limited to) Solid Organ and Stem Cell transplantation, Tropical Disease management, Drug-induced Liver Toxicity, Hepatitis, Neonatal jaundice as well as pre-eclampsia and Body Water management. 


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